Niche Programmes

Emergency System

The safety of our children is the highest priority for us at JNY.
The whole school is linked via an emergency chain so that alerts can be sent instantly. Children rehearse emergency drills – fire, earthquake and lockdown – regularly with their Form Tutors so that all are well prepared to meet a contingency.

Monitoring Students’ Temperature

The health of every student is important. A teacher on duty checks the students’ temperatures as they arrive in school. Those found feverish are isolated and sent to the clinic; parents are then requested to take them home.
When an epidemic breaks out, the school nurse is on standby to monitor students as they enter school.


T.R.I.S. (Technology Resources and Integration Support) was made based on the premise that as educators for the 21st Century, Teachers need to keep up and be up to date with the recent technology while maintaining the objectives of learning itself. Formed by the Digital Studies Department, T.R.I.S. works hand-in-hand with other Departments and produces some fresh line-ups of ideas on how to incorporate technology into teaching and learning processes. This might include the use of iPads and iMac labs by Subject Teachers, to the holistic collaboration of lessons that integrate the available in-school technology.


The HSK (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì or Chinese Proficiency Test) is China’s only standardised test of Standard Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers such as foreign students, overseas Chinese, and members of ethnic minority groups in China.

The test is administered by Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International), a non-government organisation affiliated with the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

JNY is proud to be the only test centre for this examination in the Tangerang area. To date we have successfully held HSK Examination since March 2013 and our JNY students have consistently achieved a high passing rate of more than 90% in every examination.

English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Department

Those students who enrol without a strong foundation in English can avail the EFL classes to learn language and strategies specific to understanding all academic subjects. They are carefully screened using the WIDA MODEL testing – a well researched system developed in the United States that identifies a student’s language needs. Based on the results, a specialist EFL teacher customises materials suited to the student’s individual language needs.

South East Asia Strategic Educational Alliance (SEA2)

The formation of the South East Asia Strategic Educational Alliance (SEA2) is the brainchild of the Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH), targeting ten established schools in South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Thailand and Brunei). JNY is very honoured to be invited as one of the founding members of the alliance.

Given the culturally diverse nature of the region, an alliance aims to bring schools from different South East Asian countries together to enrich cross-cultural learning of the students, bringing the youths to learn and work collaboratively.

Digital Studies @ JNY

Due to the demand these days of digital literacy, we want all our students to become competent basic users of ICT technologies so they will be successful in their academic and work careers.
While the emphasis in the Primary division is on the basics, at the Secondary level students may choose from the Cambridge subjects – Information and Communication Technology for IGCSE and Applied Information and Communication Technology for AS & A Level.