Jakarta Nanyang School (JNY) is a dynamic trilingual school offering an international curriculum. We are committed to Total Quality.

We exist to give students access to a holistic education because every child matters and every child has untold potential to discover and maximise. We emphasise quality at all levels: quality staff and quality education, together with quality facilities and infrastructure, resulting in quality students.

JNY began the first year of operation in July 2012. JNY’s doors are open to students who wish to explore learning beyond the conventional in a global context. JNY operates in association with Nanyang International Education (Holdings) Limited, which is part of the Nanyang Family of Schools, alongside three very well established top educational institutions in Singapore.

JNY is modeled after the Nanyang Family of Schools in terms of educational approach, curricula, teaching approaches, and emphasis on eastern ethics and culture. The media of instruction are English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Mandarin.

Benefits of Joining JNY

  • JNY is established in collaboration with Nanyang International Education (Holdings) Limited in Singapore. We adopt a similar Nanyang education model to provide quality holistic education to local and international students regardless of race, nationality, and religion.

  • JNY provides a trilingual (English, Chinese Language, and Indonesian Language) and multicultural environment for students to interact and appreciate cultural differences with an open mind.

  • JNY offers various types of awards to motivate students. Students with high potential and special talents have optimal chances to participate in national and international competitions.

  • Students of JNY benefit from the rigour of a well-regarded international curriculum and sit for some of the world’s most recognised international examinations. Students with good grades will qualify to pursue their studies at tertiary institutions in Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, China, or Indonesia (admissions to individual institutions is subject to fulfillment of qualifying criteria set by the respective institution).

  • JNY emphasises the five key areas of student development – moral development, intellectual development, physical development, social development, and development in aesthetics. Hence, students of JNY are well-rounded intellectuals, with sound values, who take care of their physical well-being, are imbued with social graces and participate in the Arts.