History of JNY

In early 2010, a group of like-minded Indonesian Chinese entrepreneurs who were previously schoolmates of Sin Hoa in Jakarta in their younger days, got together with the aim of establishing a premier international school in Indonesia – one which is strongly rooted in Chinese ethics and values, yet aligned with the Indonesian culture and diversity.

They sought the assistance of an overseas partner entity – Nanyang International Education (Holdings) Limited, which is part of the Nanyang family of very well-established top schools in Singapore – to get the school started.

With the name, Jakarta Nanyang School (JNY), the school established its operations in July 2012 in BSD city, Pagedangan sub-district of Tangerang, close to Jakarta. Having secured a firm footing after the initial years, the school rapidly grew in strength with rising confidence and support from its community. The close partnership and guidance with Nanyang International gave the school a firm footing in its initial years.

In July 2020, the school forged ahead to its next stage of development. On its own, to its next stage of development it built building from the experience gained since its establishment. JNY pursued a self-sustaining model of governance for the school to become independent.

With a strong school identity and with expertise from within, like the phoenix (fenghuang), the school will undergo a process of rebirth and renewal. Jakarta Nanyang School (JNY) will then be poised to provide a holistic and valued-added education. It will see promising students develop their potential to the fullest while being still rooted to a strong foundation for learning and character building.